Sonoma, CA

April 6, 2018

Yesterday was the day of deliveries.

We chose to take the early morning flight from SeaTac to Santa Rosa, which we learned is the ideal way to travel to California wine country to avoid downtown San Francisco traffic (thanks Chuck!).

We we’re expecting rain upon arrival and were greeted with a steady drizzle, sometimes downpour, for the entire day.

Considering we did not rent a car and will be ride sharing for our entire stay, the weather didn’t align with our intent to walk for groceries, supplies, and meals.

Thanks to the internet and our trusty handheld mobile command units, we had an experience unlike anything we’ve done before.

Upon arriving at our VRBO, which is perfect for a couple’s weekend to Sonoma, it was absolutely pouring out. Since we had just spent the last 7 hours in transit, we weren’t feeling up to adventuring out to get supplies or visit a winery.

Again, thanks to the invention of the internet, we used Instacart to have the necessities delivered directly to our rental: 6 bottles of Gloria Ferrar, sweet potatoes, eggs, onion, and, of course, nacho cheese Doritos.

As the rain continued to sheet outside of our rental, we gradually slipped into a state of relaxation while enjoying Gloria’s bubbles while progressing through the sixth season of GOT.

Feeling the pangs of hunger, we jumped onto Uber Eats and were shocked to learn that it does not service the Sonoma area. Same outcome for GrubHub. Thankfully, we stumbled across Sonoma Food Taxi and ordered a gourmet pizza and salad from the Red Grape. The food was incredible, but didn’t necessarily fill us up.

What else could we do but make another order on Sonoma Food Taxi, this time for some Asian fusion eats from Shiso.

All in all, it was a fantastic day. A day to remember. The Day of Delivery.