Where’s the wedding?

The Hood Canal Vista Pavilion, located near each other in Port Gamble, Washington (see ‘Party‘ & ‘Place‘ for more about location, directions and accommodations)

What time?

Ceremony TBD, followed by a cocktail hour and delicious dinner (and then dancing of course). A county ordinance says we have to have the music off by 10 pm, so the reception won’t last past that time. Thankfully, we will be having an after party in Poulsbo and then an after-after party at Clearwater Resort. Don’t forget, budget lots of travel time if taking a ferry as the wait can be long in the summer time.

How far is it from Seattle?

Well, it’s pretty close as the crow flies but you’ll need to take a ferry. Expect up to an hour of driving plus a 30 minute ferry. Provide plenty of time to catch the ferry – give yourself a buffer of 2-3 ferries in case you don’t make it on the one you wanted! Check out the ‘Place’ page for all the details.

Does this mean I’ll need a rental car?

That will certainly be easiest, but you could carpool. You can get to downtown Seattle from the airport pretty easily on light rail, so if you know other folks headed to the wedding, you can carpool from there.

The Kitsap Airporter charges $20 each way from the airport to Poulsbo. When you arrive at the airport, you must go to the desk located at the end beyond the first baggage carousel and put your name in and pay. When returning to the airport from Poulsbo, reservations can (and should) be made online ahead of time: http://www.kitsapairporter.com/index.php/AirporterSchedules/KitsapSeaTac/

What about transportation while we are there?

Transportation to and from the Casino for our guests is TBD, our hope is to have no drinking and driving, and hopefully hired drivers to help with that!

There is a taxi in the area that can get you between your hotel/lodging and Port Gamble. I was told it would be about $35 for a ride between Poulsbo and Port Gamble. 24 hour service. 360.698.7660. http://bitaxi.com/services.html

Where should I stay?

Head over to the ‘Party‘ tab for all you need to know. Short answer – you’ve got options!

What else should I do while I’m in Washington?

So glad you asked! Join the Stielstra family for a long weekend or full week of exploring the Olympic Peninsula! Contact Emi or Sarah for details.